Software Development and Integration Skills That Make Life Easier

These days, every company is a tech company. Businesses driven by and relying on software need to keep those systems and applications up to date. Software talent and expertise is in high demand, but often in short supply.

Their consultants and developers are like family. They took time to understand our business and processes and not only wrote code, but also knew the cause and effects on the business from customizations. They are always looking for ways to work with us to make our company more efficient.

Cliff McDaniel CPA, Director of Operations John H. Carter Company

Internal teams are fighting everyday fires, stretched across other priorities, or simply not what’s needed in-house now. And when a new system deployment requires customization to meet unique business and industry requirements, or when obstacles to integration with existing systems arise, those teams are frequently overwhelmed, understaffed, and underpowered to take it all in stride.

Smart organizations turn to software development partners with the expertise in your field and the methodologies and best practices for leading a successful ERP deployment. But those implementation partners also need the ability to rapidly onboard and deploy skilled developers steeped in ERP planning, processes and platforms, and the reliability to reach milestones and achieve project success.

Strong Developer Bench, Honed ERP Skills

With an 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 software development team leading your development project, you can be assured that your ERP or other technology-solution initiative will gain the expertise and attention necessary to achieve your company’s vision. Our team of experts can quickly turn on and configure out-of-the-box features and functions while also leading custom development efforts that are fully planned, tested, debugged, and supported.

And given our intimate knowledge and a business built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, NAV-to-Business Central upgrades, and the Microsoft 365 and Power Platforms, our software development and integration capabilities will get you the all-important business function and operational performance improvements you seek.

蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 Software Development/Integration Key Features

蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 provides end-to-end software development, integration, and consulting. We customize the process from start to finish, employing our agile methodology and a team of experts fully equipped to deliver successful software implementations of any size or need.

Software development

In business development and project planning, 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 works with our customers to determine how best to approach the development lifecycle, working together on how to go from development to delivery, whether common or custom code, and especially around software testing. Our development team is best involved early on with our unique methodology. We respond with resources the customer needs–one- to-many, ERP generalists to functional specialists. We deliver talent to balance scope, time, project estimates, quality, and features.

Software testing

While many businesses avoid or sub-optimize testing, 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 is a software test advocate. 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 applies testing expertise across the board, across functions, across the installation and its sub-components. We use rigorous testing approaches and plans.and we specialize in providing automated testing for custom development to save you time and money with each upgrade or change to your system. We can write code to run testing for the life of the system, through every upgrade, for years. That achieves an ROI on an ERP investment over time and avoids costly upgrade issue resolutions.

Software integrations

When it comes to integration, 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 uses its disciplined, yet flexible methodology to accomplish the tasks at hand efficiently and effectively. 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 has an IP connector to quickly and easily connect with systems both within and outside the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem. We also leverage our large team of skilled developers and use our experience with Microsoft Azure and the Power Platform to build integrations that last. Development and integration in Azure provides stability as programming languages evolve and allows for better integration with legacy systems.