Unified Retail Solutions for a Connected Shopping Experience

It’s a new era in retail and hospitality. Whether you brick and mortar retail store, hotel, or restaurant, you undoubtedly face a rapidly changing, competitive, and sometimes overwhelming business reality.

Retailers of all shapes and sizes need unified digital tools to streamline in-store and supply chain operations, deep-dive business analytics to maximize sales and profit margins, and robust multi-channel tools to deliver an exceptional customer experience online and offline. LS Retail, the leader in omnichannel  retail solutions offers all of that and so much more. 

LS Retail is an end-to-end retail business software provider with a suite of unified commerce solutions to help retail and hospitality professionals manage their business centrally from front to back with one single software system. 

End-to-end Retail Visibility and optimization for a Superior Customer Experience

Combined with the power and utility of Microsoft Dynamics 365, the innovative business software helps teams identify, address, and anticipate fast-changing consumer habits by making strategic adjustments to everyday operations — pricing, promotions, and inventory management among others — that result in an outstanding shopping experience across all your sales channels to help ensure their loyalty and repeat business.

As one of the retail industry’s leading Microsoft & LS Retail solutions partners, 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 is uniquely qualified to combine the tools, technologies, workflows, and expertise you need to create and deliver powerful, omni-channel retail solutions to run your entire retail business and generate greater customer visibility, more personalized shopping experiences, and more online and in-store sales.

LS Central Platinum Certified Partner 2022

LS Retail Key Features

LS Retail seamlessly integrates with Microsoft suite of solutions to turn unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive and interactive insights.

Insightful financials and business intelligence

Aggregate data from across your organization on-demand into a single integrated platform to gain instant insight and control over  inventory management, demand planning and replenishment, customer management tools and loyalty, accounting systems and reporting. Leverage 3rd party data sources, like weather or upcoming local events, to consider and preview the possible impact this can have on your business.

Integrated POS

LS Retail POS solutions offer powerful product searches, mix-and-match bundling, and guided selling prompts to help drive incremental sales along with real-time inventory visibility and reporting to  give the highest-touch, most personalized, and profitable buying experience possible. Set up hybrid POS connectivity — on-premises and cloud-based — to eliminate costly and frustrating downtime that erodes customer confidence and wastes valuable sales opportunities.  

Advanced inventory management

Integrated inventory systems, ERP, and POS create a closed-loop ecosystem that enables more accurate, detailed, and dynamic demand planning across any desired time interval. Use automatic and manual stock replenishment and redistribution solutions to eliminate delays in inventory fulfillment and help prevent stock outs on your most popular — and profitable — products.

Intelligent promotions and loyalty programs

Connect the front of the house, back of the house, and patrons or guests from a single platform. Empower sit-down dining guests with self-service ordering to get exactly what they want or fast casual patrons to choose from a wide range of curated meal plans. Set up multiple menus that allow you to calculate the type and quantity of ingredients that you will need to purchase to produce your forecasted meals. Or combine those tools with in-room ordering systems, loyalty programs, and front desk operations to create a comprehensive hotel and resort experience guests will love.

Powerful eCommerce functionality

Retailers can build a cohesive eCommerce ecosystem that integrates digital storefronts with physical ones, along with back office retail management and inventory systems. Help ensure accurate inventory, pricing, and discount information all in real time so customers and sales representatives can order directly online, any time of the day.

Hospitality-specific solutions

Tap into your POS transactions and historical sales data with artificial intelligence-powered analytics solutions to identify and instantly capitalize on previously hidden sales trends. Use robust built-in analytics to precisely measure which promotional strategies have had and will continue to make the biggest impact on your stock levels and sales figures, as well as on your customers’ loyalty and likelihood of purchasing from you again. Personalize and customize offers and promotions to your individual customers on their preferred shopping channels. Recommend products and offers that almost predict their next sale.