Be the Partner Customers Know and Trust

Business success is as much about developing and maintaining relationships as it is about providing great services and products. But often, the tools and systems sales teams use to manage customer and prospect relationships are limited in features, functionality, and flexibility. One-size-fits-all customer relationship management (CRM) systems are incapable of meeting the unique demands of businesses in different industries, sectors, and of varying sizes.

To thrive in the modern global marketplace, businesses need robust, fully featured, and integrated sales support platforms that arm sales and services teams with everything they need to win more deals, boost productivity, and deliver exceptional customer experiences that nurture long-lasting relationships.

Reshaping the Sales Experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is an intelligent CRM with best-in-class automation capabilities that help businesses manage their entire revenue cycle from end-to-end. The fully-featured platform gives sales and business development teams a suite of tools that simplify and accelerate sales planning and forecasting, automate account and prospect prioritization, enable greater team collaboration, and measure sales performance in real time – all with the familiar look, feel, and experience of Microsoft 365 and the reliable support from Dynamics 365 experts at 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Key Features

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales empowers sales managers and their teams to build stronger customer relationships and accelerate sales cycles through comprehensive customer intelligence, streamlined workflows, and guided selling strategies for target accounts.

AI-powered sales insights and guided selling

Know exactly which prospect to contact, when, and how with AI-powered sales insights that let salespeople know which steps to take next to close deals faster. Tailor business processes for your organization’s needs and evolving goals, while arming team members with step-by-step guided selling to help them close more deals, faster, and at higher order values.

Unified customer view

Nurture, cultivate, and grow customer relationships with a 360-degree perspective of each account featuring an account health score, historical timeline of interactions and activities, and native LinkedIn Sales Navigator integrations that help your team visualize customer organization hierarchies to strategically target sales activities.

Single workspace pipeline management

View deals, gain valuable context, and take decisive action quickly to capitalize on new opportunities — all from a single, intuitive workspace visible to all authorized team members. Use embedded Microsoft Teams chat to collaborate and strategize on key account activities for greater pipeline management and more strategically assigned sales tasks.

Sales and marketing automation

Use AI-powered recommendations to eliminate time-consuming manual data entry and automatically create new records for contacts, meetings, and tasks to accelerate sales activities. Or, leverage robust customer and prospect data to design, predict, and deliver personalized customer journeys with minimal manual intervention.

Enhanced sales forecasting and real-time sales performance management

Keep your team on task and on target with AI-augmented forecasting for greater accuracy and granularity, while also revealing at-risk accounts and previously hidden sales opportunities. Access interactive, configurable dashboards for on-demand sales performance reporting, make more informed decisions, and deliver more personalized coaching that boosts productivity and performance.