Flexible Business Management with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The challenges and complexities of managing everything from manufacturing and distribution to supply chain management and inventory control can feel like an impossible task — especially if you’re using multiple tools and systems to do it.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is now Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Modern, multifaceted organizations need more efficient, integrated, and highly automated systems for managing various aspects of their operations. The days of having separate systems for managing inventory, financial reporting, and supply chain coordination have long past.  Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions like Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) act as a company’s central nervous system, combining the financial and operational systems into a single, convenient, and highly efficient platform.

蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛: A History and Future with NAV

With hands-on experience with Dynamics NAV dating back nearly 20 years, 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 professionals have the experience base extensive expertise to plan, deploy, optimize, customize, and upgrade your NAV projects suitable to virtually any industry or business need. 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛-delivered Dynamics NAV solutions leverage the platform’s comprehensive production control capabilities in manufacturing, distribution, and service sectors, and robust financial reporting capabilities to give business leaders unrivaled visibility and control over their operations.

Where many ERP partners have deprioritized their support for Dynamics NAV installations, 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 makes a point of serving these NAV-satisfied businesses well, extending ERP effective functionality, advancing efficiencies, and driving improvements. And based on business needs and customer requests, 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 stands ready to skillfully support Dynamics 365 Business Central upgrades and installation transitions.

蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 + Dynamics NAV Benefits

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides users with the information, automation tools, and resource and business management services they need to connect and optimize their business operations. The proven and flexible software helps organizations of all sizes eliminate visibility gaps, and time-consuming manual processes that degrade profitability and operating efficiency.

Partnering with 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 can significantly boost the value of Dynamics NAV implementations, customizations, support needs, and upgrades. With more than two decades experience helping organizations transform their businesses with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central, improvement of your technology toolset and real-world business results are assured.

24/7 support

Get the Dynamics NAV help you need when you need it with 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛’s round-the-clock support. Choose from a variety of no-contract support plans, each staffed by our experienced Level 2 and Level 3 technicians who are capable and qualified of delivering the answers and troubleshooting you require on-demand.

Effortless upgrades

Never get stuck using old software versions to meet new business challenges. 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 upgrade services help to ensure you’ll have access to the latest, greatest Dynamics NAV tools and functionality. No database is too large or too complex, and most NAV upgrades can be completed in just a weekend. Receive free upgrade estimates, a price match guarantee for standard upgrades, and take advantage of our unique get current/stay current subscription plans for predictable cost and code management.

Deep-dive business analysis

Take advantage of advanced business intelligence features and leverage 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛’s business analysis expertise to help you dig deep into operational details to deliver more effective, efficient operations, financial service, resource utilization and customer experiences.