Celebrating 20 Years in Business

February 1, 2022

蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 Celebrates 20 Years as a Microsoft Dynamics Gold ERP Partner for NAV and Business Central

ATLANTA, GA - January 31, 2022 – 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛, Inc., a Microsoft Dynamics ERP Gold Partner, Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), and full-service provider of Dynamics 365 Business Central and LS Retail, proudly kicks off its 20th anniversary. Founded on the vision of creating a workplace of excellence, 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 has grown from 3 people to a team of over 133 experienced professionals operating in the United States, Canada, and India. 

The 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 story starts like many businesses—with a dream, a vision , and the courage to begin. In 2002, founders Greg Kaupp, Tommy Madsen, and Helle Madsen all shared a love for Navision, which is now called Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  They wanted to prove to themselves and others how much businesses could be improved through the right technology and the right partner. 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 was born and quickly became a leading Microsoft partner by driving success for clients with complex ERP needs.  

When we started 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛, our dream was to do work that we loved with people and clients that we loved working with.

Greg Kaupp
CEO, 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛

“When we started 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛, our dream was to do work that we loved with people and clients that we loved working with.” says Greg Kaupp, 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 CEO. “We have always believed that to create a great culture requires sacrifice and diligence since each one of us creates the culture of the company one interaction at a time.” 

With its vision in place, 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 grew through a culture of intention and purpose by implementing its core values and service standards which are at the center of everything the company does. 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛’s core values are the pillars for how it operates: delighting clients with amazing work; building an enduring tribe; learning and always challenging; and cultivating an environment of inclusion and belonging. Its service standards were heavily influenced by Dennis Snow’s “Lessons from the Mouse” and 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 seeks to view everything it does through the lens of the customer.  蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 also realizes, as Disney does, how the little Wows add up.  

“蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 is grounded in its purpose like few other organizations,” says Tammy Fawcett, 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 COO. “The culture really puts people first with an emphasis on learning, experimentation, and collaboration. Our core values drive concepts like women in leadership, client satisfaction, innovation, and community while minimizing political and bureaucratic obstacles. That’s what has really driven our growth and success.” 

In 2015, 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 implemented Holacracy , a cell-based organizational structure that distributes power, drives efficient decision-making, and encourages innovation through transparency, accountability, and collaboration. To further live its values, 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 became a 100% employee-owned organization in 2018 to unlock the latent entrepreneurial talent within all of its employees as well as build long-term wealth for its team in a way that only equity can. 

The results of 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛’s 20 years are evident in the hundreds of clients they serve, their reputation among partners and users in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central community, and the awards they’ve received. 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 has been recognized as a leading Microsoft partner and consultant through multiple awards including Bob Scott’s VAR Stars and Accounting Today’s Top 100 VARs .  In addition to organizational awards, 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 team members have won numerous Microsoft and Dynamics community awards and accolades. 

About 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛

Founded in 2002, 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛, Inc. is a leading Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified partner, CSP, and LS Retail partner, providing business solutions based on proven Microsoft applications and tools to companies throughout North America. 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛’s certified, experienced professionals collaborate with clients to design, implement and support solutions tailored to their unique requirements—from back-office accounting to industry focuses on manufacturing, distribution, retail, and equipment rental. Today, our team includes experts around the world, focused on Dynamics 365 Business Central solution design, development, 24/7 support, and upgrades. With a commitment to quality service, 蜂巢电子竞技(内蒙)决赛联赛 is dedicated to helping companies realize true business value by giving them access to world-class ERP solutions that will grow with them to meet their needs now and in the future.  archerpoint.com